Once upon a time, on a chain of islands south of Miami...

a boy named Josh somehow made his way through adolescence. A proud member of the marching band and a card-carrying member of the math club, obviously he was at the top of the social ladder. With dreams of cities with more than zero Starbucks in his head (now there's one!), he went off to study Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania: home of the Fighting Quakers which is an oxymoron as (most) Quakers are pacifists.

After a fascinating discussion with an assigned college advisor where Josh was encouraged to pursue a lucrative career in Actuary Mathematics, he found his way out of the School of Engineering and into General Studies, student theatre, and eventually the theatre department.  Four years and many productions later, he graduated with a double major in Theatre Arts and Anthropology.  And before you ask, "Wait, Anthropology?" well this is kind of a theatre bio and there is only so many digressions I can make before it starts to seem overly self-aggrandizing. Now back to speaking about myself in the third person.

Upon graduation, Josh was accepted to the graduate MA theatre program at Villanova University.  He performed in six of the eight productions mounted by the regional theatre at Villanova.  His portrayal of Leo Frank in the production of Parade earned him a Barrymore Award for Outstanding Leading Actor in a Musical.  In 2004, Josh received the Brian G. Morgan Award for his work with the theatre department (way to avoid that self-aggrandizement, jackass).

After working for a time in and around Philadelphia on theatre and commercial projects, Josh was accepted to the graduate acting program at Columbia University in New York.  There he studied under Kristin Linklater, Andrea Haring, Andrei Serban, Niky and Ulla Wolcz, and Anne Bogart (to name a few).  In the summer of 2008 he had the honor of performing with the Chautauqua Theatre Conservatory Ensemble.

Josh continues to work in and around New York.  In 2014, after a four-year ensemble development, he performed in A Food Odyssey directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh. In 2015 he began performing in the off-broadway hit Drunk Shakespeare. And now you can catch him Off-Broadway in Drunkle Vanya. Suffice it to say, he's had to get back some tolerance for the hard stuff in the last couple of years.  And for that, he thanks college.