Josh Sauerman


Another Soul  ||  Featured  ||  Dir. Paul Chau

Waist Up (short)  ||  Supporting  ||  Dir. Marina Badia

Forgive Me God (short)  ||  Featured  ||  Dir. Sam Abbas

Theatre - New York

Drunk Shakespeare  ||  Multiple/Ensemble||  Drunk Shakespeare  ||  Dir. David Hudson

Drunkle Vanya  ||  Waffles  ||  Three Day Hangover  ||  Lori Wolter Hudson

And if You Lose Your Way...  ||  Suitor 107  ||  Mud\Bone Collective  ||  Pirronne Yousefzadeh

Jack Perry is Alive...and Dating  ||  Henry\Ben\Ensemble  ||  NYMF\Ars Nova  ||  Pirronne Yousefzadeh

What Happened to Bill Viola  ||  Actor Playing Bill Viola  ||  Berkshire Fringe/\Ars Nova  ||  Pirronne Yousefzadeh

Prevailing Wins  ||    Teddy  ||   Midtown International Theatre Festival  ||  Michele Pace

Twelfth Night  ||  Malvolio  ||  Classic Stage Company  ||  Tony Speciale

Romeo and Juliet  ||  Romeo/Ensemble  ||  Classic Stage Company  || Tony Speciale

The Canterbury Tales  ||  Knight/Chanticleer  ||  Columbia University  ||  Yuriy Kordonskiy

The Cherry Orchard  ||  Trofímov  ||  Columbia University  ||  Matthew Torney

Candide Americana  ||  Candide  ||  Rabbit Hole Ensemble  ||  Edward Elefterion

Theatre - Regional

Parade  ||  Leo Frank  ||  Villanova Theatre  ||  Fr. Peter Donohue

Death of a Salesman  ||  Howard  ||  Chautauqua Theatre Co.  ||  Ethan McSweeney

Art  ||  Serge  ||  Villanova Theatre  ||  Harriet Power

Autobahn  ||  Guy (“Bench Seat”)  ||  Flashpoint Theatre  ||  Michael Osinski

Sweeney Todd  ||  Anthony U/S  ||  Arden Theatre Co.  ||  Terrence Nolen

Twelfth Night  ||  Sir Andrew  ||  Villanova Theatre  ||  James Christy


MFA, Columbia University School of the Arts

          Voice/Speech:  Kristin Linklater, Andrea Haring

          Acting:  Andrei Şerban, Niky Wolcz, Ulla Wolcz, Larry Singer, Yuriy Kordonskiy

          Viewpoints/Suzuki:  Anne Bogart, Barney O’Hanlon

          Dance:  Barbara Allen, Livia Vanaver                         Stage Combat:  J. Steven White

          On-Camera: Marci Phillips (ABC East Coast)          Singing: Penny Fuller, Richard Armstrong

Improvisation  UCB New York

MA, Villanova University

BA, University of Pennsylvania

Special Skills

Music: Baritone/Tenor II, Concert Percussion, Trumpet (basic/intermediate)

Assistant Vocal Coach - Columbia Business School Executive Education (Linklater)

IT Professional, Certified Technician

Dialects: American Southern, Standard English (RP), Scottish, Irish, Cockney